In 2002, PT. Sanmas Dwika Abadi started the business by marketing the Silica Flour, and then in 2010 PT. Sanmas Dwika Abadi established own Silica Flour Factory. Silica Flour is a kind of useful chemical needed by many important industries, domistic as well as foreign. Actually Silica Flour is an additive for many kind of materials to be made into various kinds of products, such as :

  • Abrasive cleanser in the forms of paper and powder rubs
  • Metal polishing stuff
  • Filler material for stiffener
  • Wood filler
  • Paint stuff
  • Road surface hardener
  • Metal casting process

In the oil drilling activities, the Silica Flour is especially used as substance to avoid the retrogression (the reduction of the cement strength) which possibly happened under the low static temperature over 1100C. Silica Flour is capable to generate higher compressive power from time to time, even under very high temperature.

By using selected high quality silica sand as raw material, our factory grinds it into white coloured silica flour with mesh from 200 to 1.000. The demand for silica flour itself has been increasing significantly from year to year. In the year 2003, we still sold about 1.000 tons, but in the year of 2010 we have successfully supplied up to 5.000 tons of silica flour to several oil drilling service companies.

The Analysis Result of Wet Strainer of Our Silica Flour

  • Mesh 200, passed the US strainer test 90% minimum
  • Mesh 325, passed the US strainer test 80% minimum
  • Mesh 600, passed the US strainer test 80% minimum
  • Moisture content 1% maximum
  • HCL solubility 1% maximum
  • SiO2 content > 95%
  • pH 7 – 8