Especially in the industries of oil drilling activities, Silica Flour is very important as advantageous additive stuff to prevent the cement retrogression that might happened at static bottom temperature above 110 OC, and therefore this Silica Flour has capability to provide higher initial compressive strength and maintains that strength quality over time, even at elevated temperatures. Silica Flour also boils down to eliminate squeeze jobs which are compulsory to be done on the occurrence of cement retrogression, extends the mechanical integrity over life of the well, and on turn, reduces the cement consumption.

Silica Flour produced by PT. SANMAS DWIKA ABADI  is actually a useful one for the needs of important industries in the world. Being a multipurpose chemical stuff, it is used as vital additive material in many kind of productions, such as abrasive cleaner in the forms of sandpaper or souring powder, metal polish, inert filler, wood filler, paint, toothpaste, road surface mixture and some kind of foundry processes. 

That Silica Flour is described in the form of pure white powder, of 200 up to 1,000 of size (mesh), with SiO2 chemical nature.


Size (mesh) 200 pass US Sieve pct., by wt. : min 90%
Size (mesh) 325 pass US Sieve pct., by wt. : min 80%
Size (mesh) 600 pass US Sieve pct., by wt. : min 80%
Moisture content : 1% max
HCL solubility: 1% max
SiO2 content: > 95%
pH: 7 – 8
Kontak Kami