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PT. Sanmas Dwika Abadi is established by virtue of a notary act of October 02, 2002 in Blora, Central Java Province, Indonesia. Our Company has the main business in manufacturing Silica Flour. By the continuing demand to expand and strengthen the business activities, we moved our head office from Cepu, Blora, Central Java to Sidoarjo, East Java. This head office movement is registered by virtue of a notary act on November 10, 2009.



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As a professional Company, to support our business lines, in 2010 we built a Silica Flour Factory, in Gresik, East Java. This factory is completed with all modern facilities, in order to fullfill our Customers’ demands satisfactorily, which are continously increasing. For years we have been already proving our competence in our core business of best quality Silica Flour production to its enough much quantities, as well as our other side business like suppling the necessities and parts for the general industries, including the needs of minor devices for oil drilling activities. Especially our personel transportation service has also been receiving recommendations from some high reputed Companies.

Motivated by awareness against the ever tight competition of the business world, then by continously benefit our high dedicated and professional human resources, PT. Sanmas Dwika Abadi has commitment always to keep our products and services to meet all of our Customers’ outmost demands to their satisfaction.

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